Being in business for over 30 years, we get asked quite a few questions. Below you’ll find our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see your question below? Just contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

  1. Are there minimum quantities for custom products and for stock products? 
    For custom orders, we have a 25 piece minimum.  Minimum order for our stock products are 10 pieces.

  2. Can my order be drop shipped to a secondary or third party location?
    Yes, just speak to one our staff members about drop-shipments. 

  3. What is the normal turn-around time? 
    This varies from product to product. Our stock products are typically ready to go within 1-2 days.  Any custom products average about 2-3 weeks. Contact us about your order, and we can provide you with a more accurate time frame.

  4. Do you make custom sizes? 
    Yes, we’re happy to accommodate custom sizes. Please speak to one of our design consultants about what you’re looking for. 

  5. How are menus sized? 
    Sizes shown of our products are of the sheet size that fits into your menu cover/binder/diploma cover. 

  6. How much is shipping?
    Shipping is calculated at checkout. Check out our shipping page for more details

  7. Can I pay a fee to get my order here quicker?
    Yes, ask our staff about our fee to get your order expidited. 

  8. How long will you store my dies for?
    After your first order, we’ll store your die indefinitely, so it’ll be there the next time you decide to order.  

  9. What is the best way to maintain a menu cover?
    Cleaning your cover is a great way to increase the longevity of your product. Follow these recommendations:
     - Wipe clean with warm water only
     - Do not use any type of cleaning solution (ex. Windex, bleach, or detergent) 
     - Do not use a menu cover as writing surface while taking orders. This may cause permeant marks on the surface of the menu which cannot be removed. 
     - Store menu covers flat at all times 
     - Do not use a box that requires the covers to stand on end 
     - Avoid storing in extreme heat or cold temperatures
     - Store your covers away from direct sunlight

  10. Where do you make your products?
    Our products are handcrafted in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We source our high-quality materials from around the world and ensure every material meets our highest standards. 

  11. What shipping methods do you use?
    This is dependent on your location. We’re happy to use your local carries to deliver your products. We also use Fedex, Canada Post, and UPS. 

  12. What is your return policy?
    All returns require management authorization. If your product is deemed defective or you have received incorrect merchandise, we will replace or refund your order in full.  

    In all other instance, we do not authorize returns on our products. Please note that customers with custom orders are sent a photo sample of the final product for their approval before their order is sent to production for completion. 

  13. Which countries do you deliver your products to?  
    We ship our products around the globe. 

  14. How do I customize a menu cover/binder/diploma cover?
    Please visit our customization page for more information.

  15. What styles and materials are available for menu covers/binders/diploma covers? 
    Each product line has a unique range of styles, colours, and materials. Visit our featured menu covers, featured binders, or document covers to get started.