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Customizing your binder can be as simple as just placing your logo on the cover, or more involved as choosing your own artwork, colours, and design materials. Start by choosing your binders’ style, then your sheet size, the material and the decoration and then we build it from scratch. 

Need some help with ideas? Talk to one of our helpful design consultants. We’ll help you come up with a distinctive design so you’ll look best in class. Have a logo or artwork design you want to use? Take a look at your logo or design and decide what kind of presentation effect you are looking to achieve. Options include a deboss, foil stamping, screen printing, decals, windows for fixed or removable inserts, full colour print or any combination.

Purchase a sample pack or Call us 1-800-670-2463 to start the process.


Van Bind is a custom manufacturer of menu covers, ring binders, diploma covers, clipboards and more. Our premium products are lovingly crafted in North America and will exquisitely highlight your brand.

Call us at 1-800-670-2463 to speak to our friendly staff.
Or email us with your questions.

New York: 917-410-2150  |   Los Angeles: 310-882-6304   |  Miami: 305-434-4645
New York: 917-410-2150
Los Angeles: 310-882-6304
Miami: 305-434-4645